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Mickey Join Largest Toy
Jul 30, 2016

After the expansion of the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort theme park fun, the first Raiders camp was officially opened after Angolan brothers the movie Toy garden all toys and friends, becoming the largest park dedicated to tourists "toys" for Christmas. "Opening ceremony" on that day, Hong Kong Disneyland, a joint trip to Canton, launched the first tasted "fresh" tour, first to experience fun Raiders camp, and Disney fairytale Christmas atmosphere. 400 guests r Jones camp experience car arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland, after you take the picture is divided into 10 groups, on a guided tour led by Qi Qi into Toys r us surprise base camp of the world, and a toy friends "fun to play".

In addition, up to 46 days "discerning Christmas" has been started, United States small-town main street main street turned Christmas, colorful gingerbread and candy the whole street decorated with sweet, colorful, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, goofy and other Disney friends are even put on warm rain Christmas clothes. To allow guests to experience the Romantic fantasy of Christmas tour, now has launched a new 499 Yuan two-day ticket, within 7 days of any 2 days into Disneyland, make the journey more exciting.