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Korea Introduction Preschool Smart Plush Toy
Jul 30, 2016

If you are a child, you are willing to follow their parents ' instructions to clean the bedroom was friendly and cute stuffed animal friend and then get up and do the task? I believe many people would choose the latter, recently Korea manufacturers introduced "FriendDuda" plush toys.

FriendDuda is based on the Korea cartoon character restored, with a very cute look, built-in speaker and a microphone can be used for dissemination of information for parents and children. Parents as long as the mobile phone, enter information, such as MOM and Dad had been very tired, you can go for help packing?. Information is transmitted to FriendDuda and to Duda's lovely voice. FriendDuda with Group 5 NFC tag stickers, parent or child can advance through the cell phone or radio microphones to record information FriendDuda, when FriendDuda or parent phone contact to NFC tag, recorded message will read out before. Parents can use the stuffed toy, remind their children to eat more fruit and vegetables, cleaning the rooms, and so on.