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Children's Goods Export Barriers Continue, Broken Or Speed Up The Transformation And Upgrading Of
Jul 30, 2016

Foreign standards and oversight continue to upgrade

Children's products for more safety. Recently, the EU published in its official Gazette a list of the latest European standard for toy safety coordination, EN 71-1:2011+A2:2013 (safety of toys) was revised. United States released on baby bath seats, toddler bed and full size fence crib safety standards final rule to include the latest version of ASTM standards. Israel refer to EU standard EN12586:2007, amended the child care products-safety requirements and test methods for pacifier clips, involving mandatory standards of the pacifier clip SI12586, amendments relating to Slipknot double chain belt testing may arise.

Toxic and hazardous substances control more strict. The European Chemicals Agency to adopt Sweden suggested that agreed to restrictions may be put in the mouth by young children lead content in goods, such as clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, accessories, sports and leisure goods, consumer goods. United States Oregon SB in 1569 in proposal requirements to develop a list of high-priority chemicals in children's products, to phase out the toxic and harmful substances in the products. Release di2013-24hao of the Philippines executive order "lead and lead compounds, chemicals management directives (COO)" to restrict the toys, stationery, food, exposure to lead in consumer products such as appliances and lead compounds. Taiwan revised textile testing standards on textiles safety norms (General requirements) (CNS 15290) on infants ' wearing apparel and accessories, towels, bedding, underwear, garments, sweaters, swimwear and hosiery and other textile-related inspection, tightening the nonyl phenol content in the product limits.

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