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Buy Toys For The Children You Should Be Aware Of These Risks
Jul 30, 2016

Children's day, a lot of parents buy toys for their children. But risks exist in inferior toys, what do you know? Yesterday, the city of quality and technical supervision Bureau launches children's toys, quality risk reminder report. The reminder by way of supervision and inspection, and experiments on the market on the "3C" certification of toys, plush toys and other popular toys product quality risk analysis.

"3C" certification of toys was counterfeit

On May 30, the jiulongpo district Bureau of quality and technical supervision of law enforcement personnel on the area of shopping mall, supermarket sales of children's products carry out supervision and inspection. Law enforcement personnel on-site inspection product "3C" certification, has checked children's toys more than 120 species and found no problems.

However, the municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision before the "mystery buyer" buy 10 pieces of children's toys on the Internet, there were 3 on toy packaging "3C" certification, certification information and product information, and 3 toys counterfeiting the compulsory product certification mark.

Reminder: toys for children "3C" certification is an important measure to ensure product safety. Parents in the selection of "3C" authentication when using phone logs on the CNCA website, enter the name toy packaging indicates that manufacturers, you can check whether the product was obtained "3C".