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At Home Can Do After Plush Toys
Jul 30, 2016

United States laboratories at MIT MIT research team developed a new 3D printing, you can print out the complex hair structure small diameter 50 microns. This technology can be applied to many places, such as custom paint, adhesives, touch sensors, mechanical viscose and feel of plush toys.

The development programme aimed at the hair called Chillia 3D printing becomes more simple and personalized, it will allow users to design their own hair density, structure, angle and thickness of hair to print out the user needs. MIT researchers believe the technology could be widely used in real life, fine textile fabrics from those in need of 3D printing objects to customize brushes, this technology will allow users to design their own hair structure, shape and pattern.

In addition, the researchers can also slide the programming of 3D printing hair made sensors and passive brake, they do a little experiment, hair will be printed in the middle of a small windmill, making it respond to vibrations, then the Windmill is fixed on the Smartphone, less with the sensor, we can phone vibration of rotating windmill blades.

When connected to a microphone, hair can be a touch screen, can detect the direction and speed of the brush, the researchers produced a couple of toys, including plush rabbit with LED lights, rabbit hairs on the surface of 3D printing, when viewed from a different angle when stroking the rabbit, LED lights in different colors.