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Toy cleaning
Jul 30, 2016

Option 1: materials needed: a bag of coarse salt (large grains of salt) and a plastic bag

Dirty stuffed in a plastic bag, and put the right amount of coarse salt, then tied mouth, shaking. After a few minutes, the toy clean, we see salt had turned black.

Remember: it's not washed, is oh! Can also be used for different lengths of plush toys, plush collar and cuffs; can also be used for car seats (mat in salt scrub) home to have tip program was introduced.

Principle: sorption of soils by using salt is sodium chloride, considering that table salt has a strong sterilization effect, not only cleaning the toys, but also can effectively kill bacteria and viruses. You can extrapolate, fur collar, inside plush cushion for small things like method can also be used to "clean".

Option 2: materials needed: water, detergent for silk and wool, soft brush (or other tool to replace as well)

Put water in the pot and detergent for silk and wool, soft brush or other tool to stir the pot for water-rich foam, and then with a soft hair brush brush the surface with foam plush toys, be sure to look don't touch too much water on the brushes. Brushing after plush toys plush toys with a bath towel wrap, put in a basin filled with water pressure washing.

This plush toy clean dirt and cleaning solution. Add softener and then stuffed into appropriate soak in the sink for a few minutes, pressure washing in a water-filled basin several times until the water in the basin by cloudy became clear. Plush toys clean towel wrapped into a gentle washing machine dehydration, dehydrated shaped plush toys and carded in a ventilated place to dry.

Note that drying in a ventilated place to dry, it is best not exposed, without sun, not drying not bactericidal; the Sun discolor easily.