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Plush toys to buy
Jul 30, 2016

Plush toys, is one of the children and young person's favorite toy, but seemingly good things which could contain a dangerous, so we should be happy, happy but at the same time, think safety is our greatest asset! Buy a good plush toys is particularly important, in work and life, the following is my personal opinion:

1, which is the first age group needs and depending on the different ages to purchase toys, the main considerations of security usability.

Like 0-1 age of children don't purchase with printing or paint paint of toy, dye in the of organic material may will caused baby skin allergy; three age following children on cannot purchase with easy off of small object of toy, because child no dangerous consciousness, may will small object bite Xia eat to mouth in caused choking of dangerous; all purchase of toy cannot has can sets had baby head of rope circle, avoid sets live neck occurred dangerous, if has words, can itself with needle fixed.

Soft materials carefully health 2, appearance, with high and low grades of raw materials Division, long and plush (dtex yarn, pusha) velvet, cloth and other napped wool-TIC, which is an important factor in determining a toy prices, some sellers is shoddy, thus deceiving consumers.

3, look at the plush toy filler, which is another important factor to affect the price of toys. All good wadding is PP cotton, like the nine-hole core pillow-like material in the supermarket, feels nice and uniform. Wadding is black cotton with poor, feel bad and dirty.

4, solid fixing accessories (standard 90N) very angry km edge of thorns, the active part is too small to prevent children playing into the mouth, danger, with hair color or position raw materials is consistent, otherwise there will be a different color under the Sun, to the contrary, affect the appearance.