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Plush toys standard
Jul 30, 2016

1, given the tough on toy safety in Europe, America and other countries and foreign consumers because of security issues to domestic toy manufacturers claim things frequently

Happens. Safety of toys must attach great importance to the persons concerned.

A, hand needles must be placed in fixed on the soft pack, do not plug in toys, leave the PIN pulled;

B, needle must find another broken needles, then escalation teams manage two needles, in Exchange for a new needle, needle was not found to probe to find the toys;

C, each hand can send a job with a needle. All steel tool should be uniformly placed, not random;

D, proper use of the brush with a steel brush, brush finished, we should keep mosquitos and the bristles with your hands.

2, toys, body parts, including eyes, nose, buttons, Ribbon, bow, may be children (consumer) tore down swallowed, dangerous, all fittings tight must therefore be set up, and in accordance with the force requirements.

A, eyes, and nose must be of 21LBS tension;

B, ribbons, flowers, buttons must withstand the pull of 4LBS;

C, posts QC must regularly test the above pull of accessories, sometimes find problems and resolve with the engineers and workshop;

3, all packaged toys with plastic bags, the warning must be printed on, and at the bottom of the hole, so as to avoid danger on the baby over your head.

4, all filaments, nets must have a warning, age signs.

5 all the cloth, toys, accessories should not be toxic chemicals to avoid child licking dangerous;

6, packaging boxes should not be a pair of scissors, drill bits and other metal objects left therein.

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