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Plush Toy maintenance
Jul 30, 2016

1, keep the Interior clean to minimize dust, frequently with a clean, dry, soft, clean surface of the toy.

2, avoid sun exposure for a long time, and keeps toys dry inside and outside.

3, cleaning according to size, take the necessary measures, small parts coated with wear parts with tape directly into the washing machine soft wash, dry, hang the shade to dry, and intermittent tap toy, its fur, fluffy soft filler. Big toy can be found filling seams, cutting sutures, take out the filling (fine cotton/spandex) special parts can not take (better keep type) stained with wear parts department with tape. Cleaning dry outer skin, then stuffed into the skin, int, stitch.

4, the intelligent electronics, core, audio or wool/cloth dolls, before cleaning be sure to electronic components (not waterproof) or battery out against water damage.

5, clean the toys after drying with a clean brush or similar tool along the direction of the fur tidy, so that their fur smooth and beautiful.

6, see whether plush toys insides clean and sanitary, unqualified toy stuffing, discarded plastic, fiber rope, scraps of paper, or even prohibited by the State of black cotton.

7, plush toy, twisting, eyes, nose, mouth and see if strong, if small parts of toys, pull does not meet national standards, belongs to the certified product.

8, in order to stay healthy, be plush toys are regularly spending, cleaned.