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Identification of plush toys
Jul 30, 2016

1, first touch the touch down jacket pure PP cotton feels like, feels very soft and very uniform, without any sense of foreign body sensation and hard objects, if in any bear parts on the pressure with both hands, both hands together, there will be no foreign body sensation, only uniform soft cotton. Bad touch is a piece by piece, with a touch of his hand will have a foreign body sensation. Open behind of zipper, pure PP cotton even is put inside of cotton full took to are is and zipper mouth as of good cotton, black cotton most is zipper mouth a layer is good cotton, with hand upper and lower around several direction a cut on will show prototype has, inside full is clothing factory of Xia angle material, mixed has cloth, threads, packaging rope also has box Shang split fell of nail, because clothing factory don't of, so are is in ground free stepped on of, so has these stuff also not strange, will every day was door to about two Yuan a pounds of price acquisition.

2, which is one of the simplest methods, ask shops if all PP cotton, you said you would have received a full out of, if not the whole PP cotton to return, so if you sell black cotton most of the out of stock or some other excuse not to sell, so before buying and you can put the black toy out.

Actually toys purchased either for personal use or for your loved ones, if you buy a black toxic toys, will make your gift-giving effects greatly reduced, because people only appreciate your gifts, due to persons not necessarily telling you yo, don't understand or think you mean bargains.