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Different toy train kids smart
Jul 30, 2016

In fact, human intelligence is divided into logic, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence, intelligence, spatial intelligence, linguistic intelligence, musical intelligence, intelligence and natural intelligence, eight limb movement. Everyone has a different combination of intelligent, with every smart independently, but is usually not a separate operation.

Each key on the development of an intelligent age period, again in a critical period of development is difficult. So parents may wish to in purchase toy Shi, in accordance with various toy of classification and for of age layer, to selected for of puzzle toy, let children are in play various toy Shi, upgrade the aspects intelligent of development, just Dang children in play Shi, on and adults as not only separate practice a a items intelligent, but to parents in purchase toy of convenient, briefly of in accordance with toy most main of project to classification, provides members parents reference.

Interpersonal, intrapersonal intelligence

Interpersonal intelligent General refers to of is and himself yiwai of people of interactive, including has and children with play game Shi of interactive way, and and parents, and adults Zhijian of along way, while also contains has children watched of skill, like General play family wine or role played of game, and hand I cloth I, and with competitive or Division of game toy, are can promotion interpersonal intelligent of development. Intrapersonal intelligence is self-awareness, confidence building as well as right and wrong, moral, values such as internal standard, so in some of the same interpersonal intelligence portion of the game exercise in introspection. Interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence, it is often difficult to separate.