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Development of plush toys
Jul 30, 2016

Current wool market has a wide market, either in domestic or foreign markets, many parents are like plush toys gifts as a child. According to an international survey, plush toys, and even became the first choice for parents who select children's toys in Europe. With the development of the national economy and the improvement of household income levels, plush toys in the domestic toy market share has also gradually improved, plush toy

Occupy an important position in the toy market. With the addition of more and more toys, plush toy market has been showing a wide variety, the unique style and so on. All along, the plush toy market, both in the domestic market and abroad, sales have improved, plush toy market is not without sales slump caused by the emergence of other new products. Plush toys in the toy market in sustainable development, in which many toy companies also want to get a slice of this shoddy toys products toy companies including some production. News such as the plush toys appear black cotton has appeared in front of the public, some toy companies are only focused on business interests rather than toy product quality for consumers to chill. Consumer purchase of the plush toys have become more cautious.

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